Universal Archetypes: Spirit Animals' Influence

by Scarlett Jenkins

Universal Archetypes: Spirit Animals' Influence

by Scarlett Jenkins

Ever wondered if there's more to your May birthday date than just cake and presents? Perhaps the idea that certain things are tied to it? Well, my friend, you're in for a treat! Let's dive into the world of spirit animals - those mystical creatures like the deer, totem, fish, and tiger that are said to embody our traits, behaviors and skills.

Now imagine this: each birth month in the Celtic zodiac is linked to a specific spirit animal, reflecting your star sign and astrology. Indeed, your birth animal totem could be a majestic lion or a wise owl, not just an Aquarius or Leo star sign! It might even align with the Celtic zodiac, like the graceful deer, instead of traditional zodiacs. Understanding these astrology birth animals, like the Capricorn goat or Pisces fish, can offer fascinating star sign insights about yourself that no horoscope ever could.

So let's delve into the intriguing link between our birthdays, astrology, and spirit animals like the deer and snake, particularly for Capricorn. Who knows? Your birthday cake might taste even sweeter knowing your spirit animal, be it a tiger, butterfly, deer, or Capricorn, is cheering you on!

Native American Zodiac: Historical Background

The Native American zodiac, a fascinating aspect of the indigenous culture originating from tribes across the northern hemisphere, intricately intertwines astrology, birth animal totems, and planetary influences. This zodiac system, native to the northern hemisphere, differs significantly from its western counterpart as it revolves around nature and specific animals, particularly the tiger and rooster. It's not just about predicting future events; rather, it's an intrinsic part of the native people's spiritual belief system and daily life that they may love.

Spirit Animals in Native Culture

In the heart of this zodiac lies the concept of spirit animals, like the totem, tiger, snake, and rat. Each month corresponds to a specific animal, such as a totem, tiger, snake, or pig, which is considered a 'spirit guide.' These guides are believed to possess certain characteristics and traits that influence those born under them.

For instance:

  • The Tiger, also a birthday spirit animal, and the Bear (August 22 - September 21), your potential birth animal, symbolize pragmatism and methodical nature. However, don't overlook the Pig, another birth animal that also shares these traits.
  • The Tiger, also a birth animal like the Wolf (February 19 - March 20), is known for its deep connection with instincts and freedom. Similarly, the Snake, another birthday spirit animal, shares these traits.

These spirit animals, such as the snake, tiger, and pig, play a crucial role in guiding people through life's challenges, providing wisdom and insight based on their inherent qualities.

Interpretation Methods

Understanding how spirit animals like the snake, tiger, and horse influence people involves unique interpretation methods used by Native Americans. They believe in the interconnectedness of all things; therefore, they read signs from nature including behaviors of native animals like the tiger and snake, seasonal changes, or unusual occurrences. This love for nature is deeply ingrained.

To illustrate:

  1. If an individual sees their spirit animal, be it a snake, tiger, horse, or even a sign of them in a dream or real life, it could be an important message or guidance.
  2. Unusual weather patterns in the southern hemisphere during one's birth month might also have significance in interpreting one’s personality traits or destiny, including identifying one's birthday spirit animal. This could be a snake, a tiger, or according to the Native American zodiac, another creature entirely.

This native approach contrasts sharply with western astrology's focus on planetary movements and celestial bodies in our hemisphere, a clear sign of the tiger's influence. Yet both systems, much like the love a tiger has for its year-old cub on our sister site, share a common goal: providing insight into human behavior and offering guidance for personal growth.

Unveiling January to April's Spirit Animals

January’s Spirit Animal

January, the month of snow, new beginnings, and the birthday spirit animal, is symbolized by the Snow Goose, snake, and tiger, depending on your sign. This bird, a native to regions of tiger and snake habitats, is not just a pretty face in the snow; it has characteristics that make it an apt spirit animal for this month, embodying a unique love for its environment.

  • Resilience: Just as we brave the cold of January, so does the Snow Goose, embodying the snake's resilience. This sign is significant in the year of the snake, especially if it's your birthday spirit animal. This native love thrives in harsh conditions on our site, demonstrating resilience and strength - traits we can all aspire to embody once we sign up.
  • Migration: The Snow Goose, a native species, is known for its long migratory journeys each year. Observing this spectacle is a significant sign to visit the site. This could be interpreted as a native representation of our own journey into the new year - full of potential, opportunity, and signs from our hemisphere.

February’s Spiritual Guide

The Sheep takes center stage as February's spiritual guide. In many native cultures, sheep symbolize tranquility and comfort - much needed attributes under the sign of this chilly hemisphere month.

  • Peacefulness: Sheep, a sign of tranquility in many native cultures, are generally calm animals that prefer harmony over conflict. These creatures, common in both hemispheres, encourage us to seek peace in our lives.
  • Sheep, native to our hemisphere, live in flocks, signifying the importance of community and companionship.

March’s Symbolic Creature

As we transition into spring in March within our native hemisphere, we encounter another symbolic sign: The Hare. Known for its speed and agility in the hemisphere, it represents a sign of quick thinking and adaptability.

  1. Speed: Hares, a sign of swiftness in the animal hemisphere, remind us to seize opportunities quickly when they arise.
  2. Adaptability: Hares, regardless of their hemisphere, have an amazing ability to adapt to their surroundings, a sign that inspires us to be more flexible and adaptable in our lives.

April’s Spirit Animal

Finally, let's explore April's spirit animal: The Falcon. Our sister site in the hemisphere offers detailed insights into why this bird holds such significance for this month.

  • Vision: Falcons, inhabitants of both hemispheres, are renowned for their keen eyesight. This signifies the clarity of vision – an important attribute to navigate through life.
  • Leadership: Falcons, a significant sign in the hemisphere, are often considered symbols of leadership because they fly high above everything else – reminding us to take charge and lead from the front.

So there you have it - a brief but insightful glance at spirit animals from January through April in the northern hemisphere, and their corresponding signs! Each sign possesses unique characteristics reflective of their respective months in the hemisphere, offering guidance on how we might approach life during these times. Whether you identify with the resilient Snow Goose or peaceful sheep, or perhaps draw inspiration from the agile hare or visionary falcon – each animal serves as a sign, adding a layer of understanding about ourselves and our connection with nature.

Discovering May to August's Spirit Animals

May's Spiritual Entity Traits

May is a month that resonates with the energy of the woodpecker, much like a sign in nature. This bird, often seen as a sign of dedication and hard work, tirelessly pecks at tree trunks to find food and create nests. In nature, woodpeckers symbolize determination and perseverance.

  • Woodpecker, a sign of resilience, is known for their persistence and endurance.
  • Planet Mercury: As the ruling planet of Virgo, this celestial body signifies communication and education.

With these signs and symbols in mind, individuals born in May might find themselves naturally inclined towards pursuits requiring diligence and intellectual curiosity.

June's Guiding Creature Symbolism

Transitioning into June, we meet another fascinating spirit animal – the otter, a significant sign in the animal kingdom. Otters are playful creatures who love water. They represent joy, playfulness, and adaptability.

  • Otter: Symbolizes joyfulness and adaptability.
  • Water Sign: This sign indicates fluidity, emotional depth, intuition.

If you were born in June under the water sign ruled by Mercury, you might notice a strong affinity for learning new things while maintaining a lighthearted approach to life.

July & August Mystical Beings Overview

As we sign into July, we encounter the wren - a small yet powerful bird revered for its melodious voice. The wren embodies creativity and inspiration.

  • Wren: Known for their enchanting songs; they signify creativity.
  • Air Sign: Denotes intellectuality, social interaction, harmony.

August births have an intimate connection with fish. Fish are often seen as a sign of abundance due to their vast populations in bodies of water worldwide.

  • Fish: Represents prosperity and fertility.
  • Northern Hemisphere: With August being one of the hottest months, it's a clear sign of warmth and vitality in Northern parts of Earth.

In essence:


Each month carries unique spiritual entities that resonate with specific traits based on nature's signs during those periods. By understanding these spirit animals tied to our birth month, we can read the signs they provide for deeper insights into our personality traits or even guide us through various aspects of life. Isn't it fascinating how much we can learn from nature?

Revealing September to December's Spirit Animals

September’s Celestial Beast Attributes

September, the month of the harvest moon, holds a spirit animal that embodies its essence - the reindeer. The reindeer, known for its resilience and strength, mirrors the hardworking nature of those born in this month.

  • Resilience: Reindeer are built to withstand harsh climates. Their thick fur coats protect them from freezing temperatures. This resilience reflects on people born in September who often have a strong will and determination.
  • Strength: Known for their ability to pull heavy loads over long distances, reindeers symbolize physical and mental strength.

These attributes make the reindeer an apt representation for September's spirit animal.

October’s Divine Guardian Representation

October is a time of change as reflected by its divine guardian - the owl. The owl is a symbol of wisdom and transition which aligns with October's autumnal transformation.

  • Wisdom: Owls are often associated with intelligence and insight. They see what others cannot which is symbolic of people born in October who tend to be perceptive.
  • Transition: As creatures of the night, owls represent change and transition reflecting October’s shift from summer to fall.

Thus, the owl perfectly encapsulates October's mystical aura as a divine guardian.

November and December's Ethereal Entities

The ethereal entities representing November and December are quite intriguing. For November we have the hawk while December boasts about having two spirit animals - bear and deer.

November: The Hawk

November's spirit animal, the hawk represents focus and perspective. Hawks are known for their sharp eyesight implying clear vision or perspective on life situations. Their hunting skills require intense focus which is mirrored by individuals born in this month who tend to be goal-oriented.

December: Bear & Deer

December has two spirit animals - bear signifying introspection while deer stands for gentleness.

  1. Bear: Bears go into hibernation during winter months which symbolizes self-reflection or introspection.
  2. Deer: Deers are gentle creatures showcasing kindness which resonates with people born in December known for their compassionate hearts.

Unveiling these celestial beasts helps us understand ourselves better based on our birth months' spiritual representations!

The Chinese Zodiac: An Alternate Perspective

A Glimpse into History

The Chinese zodiac system, a unique blend of astrology and culture, has been around for centuries. It's not just about zodiac signs or star signs like Aquarius, Pisces or Libra. Instead, it revolves around 12 animals - Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat (or Sheep), Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

In contrast to the Celtic zodiac or other spirit animal for months systems where the sun's position in the sky determines your sign. The Chinese Zodiac is based on lunar cycles. Your birth year decides your animal sign. For instance:

  • Born in the Year of the Rat? You share traits with this clever creature.
  • If you're an Ox by birth year? You're likely hardworking and honest.

Comparing Chinese Zodiac Animals and Spirit Animals

Despite their differences in origin and interpretation between these two systems - one rooted deeply in Chinese tradition while the other draws from various cultures across Europe - there are some fascinating parallels to be drawn.

Take for instance Libra represented by a rooster in the Celtic zodiac; people born under this sign are known for their straightforwardness much like how roosters aren't afraid to announce the dawn of a new day!

On another note consider Aquarius corresponding to an otter; both symbolize freedom and individuality reflecting how Aquarians march to their own beat just like otters who prefer going solo than moving in packs.

Cultural Beliefs Shaping Interpretations

Chinese cultural beliefs heavily influence their interpretation of zodiac signs. Each animal carries symbolic meanings that reflect societal values.

For example:

  1. Rat: Symbolizes wealth due to its rapid reproduction rate.
  2. Ox: Represents diligence as oxen were crucial work animals on farms.
  3. Rooster: Stands for punctuality as it wakes people up at dawn.

This perspective differs greatly from Western astrology where planets such as Venus play a significant role influencing traits associated with each sign. For instance someone born under Libra ruled by Venus might be inclined towards harmony and beauty unlike a Rooster who is more about punctuality and loyalty.

Moreover seasons also have no relevance here unlike say Pisces which is tied with late winter in northern hemisphere or early autumn if you're down south!

No matter what system we follow whether it's looking up at stars or following lunar cycles every journey into understanding our inner selves through these symbols offers us new insights into our personalities helping bridge gap between idea and reality making life all more interesting!

Identifying and Honoring Your Spirit Animal

Recognizing your Spirit Animal

Everyone has a spirit animal, a totem that symbolizes their personality, attributes, and characteristics. This animal guide is deeply connected to our birth month. For instance, if you're born in January, your spirit animal might be the hawk – known for its keen sense of vision. February-born individuals may resonate with the deer, symbolic of gentleness and grace.

To identify your personal spirit animal:

  1. Reflect on your birth month.
  2. Research animals associated with that month.
  3. Consider how these animal's characteristics align with your own personality traits.

For example:

  • January (Hawk): Hawks are natural leaders with sharp senses and high perspectives.
  • February (Deer): Deers are gentle creatures who move through life with grace and agility.

This process requires introspection but it can offer deep insights into oneself.

Honoring Your Spirit Animal

Once you've identified your spirit animal, it's important to honor this spiritual guide effectively:

  • Create a dedicated space at home or work where you can display an image or form of your spirit animal.
  • Spend time in nature observing your spirit animal if possible.
  • Learn about the wisdom each specific creature offers and apply it in daily life.

For instance, if the horse is your spirit animal, understanding its symbolism can inspire strength and freedom in various aspects of life. If the hawk is your guide, embracing its wisdom might enhance decision-making skills by adopting a higher perspective on situations.

Impact of Acknowledging Your Spirit Animal

Recognizing one's own spirit animal can have profound effects on daily life:

  • It provides guidance during challenging times
  • Offers wisdom based on inherent attributes
  • Enhances self-awareness by revealing unique personal traits linked to specific animals
  • Strengthens connection with nature

For example, someone guided by the deer might find they navigate stressful situations with greater ease and grace after acknowledging their spiritual guide.

Wrapping It Up

So, you've journeyed with us through the Native American and Chinese Zodiacs, discovering your spirit animal based on your birth month. Isn't it fascinating how these ancient cultures can still influence our self-understanding today? That's the magic of tradition! Now that you know your spirit animal, why not dive deeper? Explore its characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. How do they resonate with you?

Remember, acknowledging your spirit animal is about more than just knowing what creature represents your birth month. It's a call to embrace those qualities within yourself. So go ahead, let out a roar or take flight - whatever suits your spirit animal! And hey, why not share this newfound knowledge with others? They might be eager to discover their own spirit animals too!


What is my spirit animal if I was born in July?

According to the Native American Zodiac, if you were born in July, your spirit animal is the Salmon.

Can my Chinese Zodiac sign be different from my Native American Zodiac sign?

Yes. The two systems are based on different calendars: the Native American Zodiac uses months while the Chinese Zodiac uses years.

How can knowing my spirit animal help me?

Understanding your spirit animal can provide insight into your personality traits and potential strengths. It's a fun and engaging way to gain self-awareness.

Where else can I learn more about my Spirit Animal?

There are many books and online resources dedicated to zodiac signs and spirit animals. You may find "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews particularly insightful.

Can I have more than one Spirit Animal?

Yes. While this article focuses on birth month animals according to two specific traditions (Native American and Chinese), other cultures have their own systems which might assign different animals.

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